5 top tips for landing a role at TPP: an insider’s perspective

09 March 2018 Nicky Sinclair

Spot On

Nicky Sinclair, Talent Acquisition Manager at TPP recruitment provides her five top tips for those looking to join the organisation. 

Make your job one that you can be proud of!

One that offers you great job satisfaction, challenges you in the right way, is financially rewarding, upskills you and progresses your career, one that you enjoy doing.

Work for a company that motivates you, surrounds you with driven and successful consultants and great teammates, and provides you with a long term and fulfilling career.

Nicky Sinclair, Talent Acquisition Manager

1. Know yourself

When searching for a new role, it’s important to evaluate your options and gain a clear understanding of what you’re looking for. Ask yourself questions such as “What do I want as a consultant?” and “What am I looking for in my career?”

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking for a new role and in many cases, it may be none other than wanting a change. Developing a self-awareness and strategy for your search will help you secure the perfect role.

2. Trust us

Our job descriptions are carefully put together to give you a clear understanding of the role. What’s more, we are guided by our core principles, which are embodied by our team and underpin our commitment to helping people and organisations to achieve a lasting impact.

We believe the best candidates are those that know their own mind and have thought seriously about wanting to grow their career working in the sector. With this in mind, we have created a benchmarked career path for recruitment consultants, ensuring that there are always fair and achievable opportunities for promotion.

3. Be authentic

During the application and interview process, it’s important to develop your own personal brand - which communicates your work ethic and values. Don’t oversell yourself or provide answers that you think interviewers want to hear. Stay calm, don’t embellish responses and remain true to yourself.

The best results will come from honest and open answers. By displaying your true personality we are able to develop a clear understanding of how your beliefs tie in with our values at TPP.

4. Be committed

After carefully evaluating the next steps in your career, it’s important to be committed to your decision. All too often, candidates decline job offers due to counter-offers or other circumstances. Show that you’re committed to the role and sector of jobs you’re applying for with positive and passionate responses.

The recruitment process can be lengthy and expensive, so make sure that you only progress with applications if you think the role could be a good fit. At TPP, we look for candidates who enjoy being part of a company and are looking to be part of it for years to come rather than just six months.

5. Be certain that TPP is for you

At TPP, we believe that the best recruiters are those who love that they do, want to be specialists and are motivated and ambitious! Although we specialise in the third and public sector, many variations of experience within recruitment would be valuable to TPP.

We recruit for a number of functions including CEO & Trustee, Education & Training, Finance, IT & Facilities, Fundraising & Development, Health & Social Care, Human Resources, MarComms & Digital and Office & Specialist Support.

The TPP work environment encourages team working, openness and honesty; we are a collective of hard working individuals who create a fun, successful, supportive and motivating workplace. All staff are treated as individuals, given autonomy and encouraged, praised and trusted to make their own decisions. There is no such thing as a bad idea and career development is nurtured and supported.