Christmas party & annual awards 2022

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Joe Treacy

By Joe Treacy

​TPP staff had a wonderful Christmas lunch where we were able to take the opportunity to celebrate those who have made an impact over the year in our annual awards ceremony. Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone at TPP, thank you for your continued hard work!

Here is a full list of the award categories and winners:

YOLO (You only live once) - Yohance Robinson

CANDIDATES FIRST - Donovan Whittaker (Veronica Chandler runner up)

CLIENT SERVICE EXCELLENCE - Kate Maunder (Danielle Tramontin runner up)

CALL OF DUTY - Lisa Ross and Matt Adams

SOCIAL INFLUENCER - Nicky Sinclair (runner up Frederick Hillinger)

BEST NEWCOMER - Frederick Hillinger

FOODIE - Leighton Davy

BEHIND THE SCENES - Melissa Robles-Foley (runner up Nikki Waite)

LEARNING & INNOVATION - The Marketing Team

ABOVE & BEYOND - Samantha Johnston

KEEP CALM & CARRY ON - Grace Keenan

VALUES CHAMPION - Veronica Chandler (runner up Melissa Robles-Foley)

TEAM OF THE YEAR - Specialist Support