Menopause Workplace Pledge

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Shelley Hawkins

By Shelley Hawkins

​TPP have recently signed The Menopause Workplace Pledge. As a company committed to inclusion, we are continually looking for ways to break down barriers and represent real, authentic people who can thrive and flourish in their chosen careers.

So why the Pledge? Did you know that headaches, joint pains, hot flushes, sleep deprivation, brain fog and anxiety are all symptoms of the menopause or perimenopause? For those experiencing symptoms it can be a difficult and stressful time. Everyone will experience the menopause differently, both physically and mentally, and for some, symptoms can be quite severe. Menopause isn’t often talked about at work but it’s where people can find their symptoms most difficult to manage.

We want to join the efforts to normalise conversations about menopause, to make menopause an inclusive subject that no one is afraid or embarrassed to talk about. We wanted to give our employees the confidence to ask for help and support if they need it. By signing the Pledge we are able to demonstrate our commitment to recognising menopause, encouraging open, positive and respectful conversations and actively supporting our employees affected by the menopause.

The menopause does not just affect women, it can also affect your male workforce who may directly know someone such as a partner, mother, sister, daughter or friend that might be suffering from the symptoms of menopause. We offer support to everyone companywide.

As a company we encourage open conversations from as early as induction where our new members of staff are given the information necessary to provide help should they require it. We provide an Employee Assistance Programme which members of staff have access to, and we also have a company Wellbeing Hub that shares advice, support and guidance. All our Managers and Mental Health First Aiders are on hand and available to offer support whenever required.

So please join TPP in signing the Menopause Workplace Pledge. According to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM), nearly 8 out of 10 of menopausal women are in work and three out of four women experience symptoms. Make a difference by being supportive and understanding of colleagues affected by menopause in your organisation:

Join the Menopause Workplace Pledge Campaign