25 years of TPP

14 July 2021 Jayne Morris FIRP

Celebrating 25 years of TPP Recruitment

This month TPP are celebrating our 25th anniversary – how time flies!  As we reflect on all the ways we have delivered on our mission to support people with their careers and help organisations achieve their purpose, this has led me to also reflect on how much recruitment has changed in that time.  

When I started my career in recruitment, just over 30 years ago, work life was entirely different.  I was living in Cornwall at that time and there was just one other agency in the whole county. The concept of using an agency to find a permanent job was not second nature as it is now so most of our business was all about temps, with over 150 out working.   

Can you imagine running a temp desk this busy but having no online job boards to advertise on? Adverts were printed in local newspapers and displayed in agency windows and job centres.  Job seekers would walk into agencies with a hard copy of their CV and meet a Consultant at their desk.  All other conversations were had on the phone, rather than on email or other electronic methods. In fact, email did not appear until the early nineties. 

We did not have complex CRM’s, with the ability to search for candidates, instead, we used candidate index cards, handwritten daybooks and the fax machine for receiving timesheets on a Friday for payroll!  

Things were not that different when I first joined TPP at the turn of the millennium, there was still no LinkedIn or other social platforms, instead, we used the yellow pages. As the internet grew (using dial-up!) things changed rapidly. Several job boards were created, CVs and timesheets were sent over email and commonly now via apps and now you can reach candidates via several methods online, such as email and social media. 

Most Recruitment Consultants would work 7am-7pm and flexi-time was un-heard of and remote working unconsidered. I am proud of the fact that we introduced flexibility and remote working into our working environment long before the pandemic and we will continue to use hybrid working going forward. Life is easier for both consultant and job seeker now with meetings and interviews online (via Zoom or Teams).

Organisations are now having to compete to secure top talent and retaining talent is certainly harder, as people are typically moving roles more frequently. When I first started my career in recruitment, the job seeker had to impress the employer, the pendulum was with the employer.  That is not the case now, trends over the last few years have shown that an employee’s tenure is decreasing (at a recent LinkedIn event, their report indicated a 2-year expectation).  What is good for the employee is good for the business and job seekers need to be attracted with flexibility being top of the list. 

There are more onsite recruitment, more in-house talent management and direct recruitment campaigns.  Diversity and inclusion have become a key focus for organisations, as they realise the success and productivity this brings.  

Although many things have changed and will continue to evolve, TPP's commitment to our vision, of changing lives and that of others through purposeful work whilst exceeding recruitment standards has not. People are at the heart of our business and always will be.  

We look forward to supporting and developing the future generation of consultants, embracing technology changes, encouraging, and adopting more inclusive processes and continuing to be a strong, collaborative team.